hunting accident lawyer macon

Hunting Accident Lawyer Macon

At Gordon Personal Injury, we know firsthand the many potential hazards that exist when hunting. From gun safety to ATV accidents, depending on the area some conditions can be downright dangerous.

As an avid outdoorsman, Chris Gordon has the experience to understand the types of accidents that can happen right here in Middle Georgia. Injuries sustained while hunting can often be brushed aside as a mistake, but what many fail to realize is that insurance companies exist to protect landowners from the risks associated with hunting on private land. Those who have permission to hunt the land are also, in most cases, protected by the landowner’s insurance.

So if you are involved in a hunting accident here in Macon, GA, protect yourself by contacting Chris Gordon Personal Injury for a free assessment of your particular situation. As an attorney with a lifetime of experience in the woods, Chris Gordon is uniquely qualified to guide you in the event are someone you love is injured in a hunting accident.