Commercial Truck Accidents

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Commercial Truck Accidents Attorneys Macon

Commercial Truck Accidents Attorneys Macon

Commercial trucking accidents involve highly regulated guidelines that require an expert attorney to navigate. With so much road construction and changing lanes on the new interchange in Macon, Ga, the number of commercial truck driving accidents has increased.

The I-75 and 16 interchange construction has created a major hazard for everyday driving. Large commercial trucks are entering and exiting the interstate in random locations causing drivers to have to suddenly brake to avoid hitting the truck, only to cause a rear end collision with the driver behind them.

Determining who is at fault in these types of commercial truck driving accidents can be a challenge and requires the assistance of an attorney who has experience dealing with large insurance companies that refuse to pay. These types of accidents often involve multiple vehicles and multiple insurance companies.

If you find yourself involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle, make sure to retain the services of an experienced lawyer. At Gordon Personal Injury, we specialize in helping those who have been injured in accidents involving commercial vehicles in Macon, Ga. Contact us. We can help.