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Specializes in representing victims of motor vehicle and commercial trucking accidents and has also successfully represented clients in insurance, business and commercial litigation, and other complex litigation matters.

Practice Areas

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Personal Injury

Personal injury cases are best handled by an attorney with the experience necessary to recover the award you deserve.

personal injury lawyer macon

Auto Accidents

Accidents can be life-altering and lead to loss of wages and lofty medical bills. You need the best attorneys handling your case.

commercial truck accidents attorney macon


Commercial trucking accidents involve highly regulated guidelines that requir( an expert attorney to navigate.

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Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is when damages are recoverable against a party who has caused the death of another due to negligence. 

Macon Personal Injury Lawyer

In most cases, accidents that occur in daily life are small incidents that we can easily forgive and forget. However, some accidents cause serious harm to others, even if injury was not intended.  Serious injuries caused by accidents can come with life-changing ramifications, impacting an injured victim’s body and mind in an unforgettable way.

When you sustain serious injury caused by the negligence of a third-party, you might wonder what your options are in recovering for the numerous damages resulting from the incident. It benefits some individuals to seek the aid of a professional that can help them seek compensation for their damages. With our clients at the center of our practice, we help those that seek to recover costs for accident-related damages, while allowing them to recover physically and emotionally in the process.


A personal injury lawsuit claims that an individual, or entity, caused the plaintiff’s injury by neglecting to fulfill their duty of care. When filing a claim for a personal injury-related accident, the plaintiff must provide evidence to prove the guilt of the defendant. This burden of proof is present in all personal injury cases, no matter the cause. Furthermore, each case possesses the same characteristics based on negligence law.

When seeking legal recourse, you assume the responsibility of proving that this sequence of events occurred. This can be extremely intimidating for individuals who might not be familiar with the legal process or know where to start in gathering evidence. In this context, our Nashville personal injury lawyers can expertly guide you through the investigation process.